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About Us

Anthony Boido, owner of TNT Rentals, was born and raised in Western MA and he knows the importance of spending time with family and friends. He grew up in a big Italian family where celebrations were around a big table with plenty of room for all, and he wants to extend that same experience to others through his business. After a deployment to Afghanistan in 2009 and another to Iraq in 2011, Anthony came home with the drive to make a difference at home and become a business owner to support his growing family, in addition to his full time job with the town of Agawam. He spent his days as a teenager putting up tents for family parties and thought what a great way to share in others' celebrations of their lives, whether it be a graduation party, a baby shower, or a summer BBQ, while securing a future for his own family. You provide the family and friends, let Anthony provide you with tents and chairs for your celebrations, and you won't be disappointed.